Research Areas

Applied Microeconomics, Housing/Real Estate/Urban Economics, Public Economics

Peer Reviewed Publications 

"Who Benefits from Targeted Property Tax Relief? Evidence from Virginia Elections" with J. Moulton and B. Waller, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Forthcoming.

"The Role of Transaction Costs in Impeding Market Exchange in Real Estate," with X. Bian and B. Waller, Journal of Housing Research, 25.2 2016.
"How Many Listings are Too Many? Agent Listing Externalities and the Residential Housing Market," with X. Bian, G. Turnbull, and B. Waller, Journal of Housing Economics, Vol. 28 2015.
"Estimating the Effect of Crime Risk on Property Values and Time on Market: Evidence from Megan's Law in Virginia," with B. Waller and R. Brastow, Real Estate Economics, 42(1) 2014.

"Marketing during a Recession: An Illustration of How Economic Principles Guide Marketing Approaches," with M. Marks and A. O'Connor, Journal for Economic Educators, 14 (1) 2014.
"Not in my Backyard: The Effect of Substance Abuse Treatment Centers on Property Values" with C. LaRoche and B. Waller, Journal of Sustainable Real Estate, Vol. 6 2014.
"Political Beliefs and Tort Awards: Evidence of Rationally Political Jurors from Two Data Sets," Review of Law & Economics, 8(3) 2012.

Working Papers (which may have been presented under a different title at a conference/seminar/workshop - see my CV on the home page for the list of academic presentations)

  • "Foreclosure Externalities and Real Estate Liquidity" with R. Brastow, X. Bian, and B. Waller
    • Second Round R&R at Real Estate Economics
  • "Dynamic Spatial Externalities and Real Estate Liquidity" with R. Brastow and B. Waller
    • Third Round R&R at Journal of Real Estate Research
  • “The Natural Capital Accounting Opportunity: Let’s Really Do the Numbers”
    • Revisions requested by Science (Policy Forum Submission)
      with J. Boyd, K. Bagstad, J.C. Ingram, C. Shapiro, J. Adkins, F. Casey, C. Duke, P. Glynn, E. Goldman, M Grasso, J. Hass, J. Johnson, G.M. Lange, J. Matuszak, A. Miller, K. Oleson, S. Posner, C. Rhodes, F. Soulard, M. Vardon, F. Villa, and B. Voigt [Powell NaturalAccounting Working Group]
  • "Mitigating Agency Costs in the Housing Market: Education or Incentives?" with G. Turnbull and B. Waller
    • Under Review
  • "This Old House: Historical Restoration as a Neighborhood Amenity" with G. Turnbull, B. Waller, W. Witschey, and V. Zahirovic-Herbert
    • ​​​Under Review
  • “Real Effects of Tax Uncertainty: Evidence from Firm Capital Investments” with K. Wentland and M. Jacob
  • “Why Disclose Less ​Information? Toward Resolving a Disclosure Puzzle in the Housing Market” with X. Bian, J. Contat, and B. Waller
  • "District Randomization and the Problem of Political Social Cost" with P. Stone
  • "Neighborhood Tipping and Sorting Dynamics in Real Estate: Evidence from the Virginia Sex Offender Registry" with X. Bian, R. Brastow, M. Stoll, and B. Waller
  • "Monetary Policy and the Housing Market: Evidence from National Microdata" with J. Moulton

Scott A. Wentland